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About Muzafer

Muzafer Najfi is a professional business networker with more than 25 years of experience in coaching, training, helping individuals with personal development, and building network marketing businesses. He has been an independent distributor as well as a corporate executive. He owns a seminar company and shares his passion, conviction, and unique background to impact lives. As an independent distributor, Muzafer has built global organizations with memberships in the hundreds of thousands in each of his seven different companies and reached over 6 million distributors in his current organization. On the corporate side, he has consulted for several network marketing companies and became an executive VP 3 different times.

Although Muzafer has excelled in several categories throughout his professional career, he enjoys coaching and mentoring people. He thrives on seeing people succeed and achieving their personal business goals. He is an outstanding leader and has been recognized for multiple rewards in several companies, including top income earners and several leadership awards.

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Muzafer Najfi